About Vivier

What we do

We offer a range of different financial services to suit the varying needs of our clients: current accounts, online savings ‎accounts, debit cards, international money transfers and more, including escrow accounts, which can help companies to ‎facilitate international trade (mitigating risk on critical transactions) and multi-currency investment accounts, which provide ‎you with a consolidated view of your finances. ‎


International presence

With our headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand, and offices in Dublin, Paris, Madrid, Milan, Munich, Dubai, ‎Johannesburg, Hong Kong and Shanghai, we at Vivier & Co see ourselves as an international organisation. Our ‎international expertise and extensive network of financial specialists allow us to provide the best possible services to our ‎clients, wherever in the world they may be. ‎


Safe in our hands

Our clients’ investments are our number-one priority, which is why maintaining our high standards is so important. We ‎have adopted a prudent loan-to-value ratio, our underlying assets are secure, perform well and are located within ‎jurisdictions that have been members of the EU since at least 1973.‎
With the exception of hedges to safeguard foreign exchange exposure, we don’t invest in equities, derivatives or any ‎other financial products to reduce the risk from market volatility. Additionally, we aim for capital reserves above 15% of ‎Tier I risk-weighted assets. This conservative level compares favourably with the Basel III ratios.‎
We also have an insurance policy with a Standard and Poor’s A+ rated insurer that provides an indemnity of more than ‎‎$5,000,000 on indemnity on each and every claim and in the aggregate. We are one of the few companies in the OECD offering this type of ‎financial guarantee.‎


Any questions?‎

You may find the answer in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

If you would like to know more about our high interest online savings accounts, please call +64 9 889 3989 or email info@vivierco.com