Deposit Rates

Why open a Vivier account?

A high fixed interest rate for your savings. You select the timeframe.

Great Rates

Select a high interest rate for the timeframe of your choice. Maximize your returns further by opting for one of our deposit accounts in an alternative currency.

Guaranteed Savings

Up to NZD 15,000,000 indemnity on any one claim/loss in the aggregate including costs and expenses.

No Fees

We apply no transfer fees and refund your other bank’s charges. We also apply no account charges of our own, as long as the aggregate balance across all your accounts stays above a relatively modest level.

Added Bonus

For a deposit on notice of twelve months or more, we pay a loyalty bonus: an uplift of +0.5% p.a. to the interest. If notice has not been given, we do this on the first anniversary of placing the deposit.

No fees and great rates!

7,000 74,999 3.39%3.87%4.35%4.81%5.27%5.71%
75,000 149,999 3.55%4.04%4.51%4.98%5.43%5.87%
150,000 375,000 3.72%4.20%4.67%5.14%5.59%6.03%
6,000 69,999 3.50%4.01%4.52%5.04%5.55%6.06%
70,000 139,999 3.67%4.18%4.69%5.21%5.72%6.23%
140,000 350,000 3.84%4.35%4.86%5.38%5.89%6.40%
5,000 59,999 3.41%3.92%4.46%5.01%5.57%6.13%
60,000 124,999 3.58%4.09%4.63%5.18%5.74%6.31%
125,000 300,000 3.74%4.26%4.80%5.35%5.91%6.48%
Hong Kong
50,000 599,999 3.41%3.95%4.53%5.05%5.56%6.08%
600,000 1,199,999 3.58%4.11%4.70%5.22%5.73%6.25%
1,200,000 3,050,000 3.75%4.28%4.87%5.39%5.90%6.42%
750,000 8,699,999 3.40%3.89%4.39%4.88%5.38%5.88%
8,700,000 17,399,999 3.56%4.06%4.55%5.05%5.55%6.04%
17,400,000 43,400,000 3.73%4.22%4.72%5.22%5.71%6.21%
New Zealand
9,000 99,999 3.44%4.00%4.66%5.19%5.73%6.26%
100,000 224,999 3.61%4.17%4.83%5.37%5.90%6.44%
225,000 550,000 3.78%4.34%5.01%5.54%6.08%6.61%
9,000 99,999 3.42%3.96%4.46%4.97%5.47%5.98%
100,000 224,999 3.59%4.12%4.63%5.14%5.64%6.15%
225,000 550,000 3.75%4.29%4.80%5.30%5.81%6.32%
7,000 79,999 3.43%3.97%4.58%5.21%5.87%6.54%
80,000 149,999 3.60%4.14%4.75%5.39%6.05%6.72%
150,000 400,000 3.76%4.31%4.92%5.56%6.23%6.91%

Interest rates specified are accurate as of 6 Jun 17 and calculation assumes that funds will be held on deposit for selected notice period with no rate change, fees assessed, withdrawals, or deposits made.

Higher rates

A loyalty bonus may apply, please see details below.

Larger deposits

Higher amounts may be accepted, please contact us for further details.

Longer deposits

Extended periods may be accepted, please contact us for further details.

Our Account Charges

Whenever you make a deposit or receive interest, we apply no transfer fees between New Zealand and your country or we refund your other bank’s charges to your account with us. We also apply no account charges of our own, as long as the aggregate balance across all your accounts stays above a relatively modest level, as set out opposite. We only apply a charge if you opt for a debit card, where we pass on nominal fees from MasterCard, or if you withdraw some or all of a deposit. Similarly, we do not pay the cost of posting account opening forms to New Zealand. On this basis, opening and maintaining an account is free.

 Euro or equivalent in another currency
BalanceOpening *Quarterly
< 2,0001,200160
2,000 to 6,00060080
> 6,00000

* applied/credited retrospectively as average balance changes over the year.

Our Deposit Rates

The rates above are current as at today but subject to change. They apply from the date your deposit is placed for at least as long as your selected period of notice. However, on an account on notice of one year or less, if withdrawal is requested within three months of the initial placement or renewal, the rates are reduced by 1%. An account on rolling notice of one year or more attracts a loyalty bonus: a one-off interest uplift of 0.5% pa on top of our published rates. The bonus applies from twelve months after the deposit is placed until notice to withdraw is given. Finally, although we pay all interest without taxes, it is up to you to declare income in your place of residence.

Maximum Deposit

Accounts on notice of less than 12 months are subject to a maximum deposit of EUR 60,000 or equivalent in other currencies. Accounts on notice of 12 months or more are subject to a maximum deposit of EUR 1,200,000 or equivalent in other currencies.