Frequently Asked Questions

Who can open a Vivier & Co account?

Our accounts are designed for personal and business clients anywhere in the world resident outside New Zealand and the United States of America. Attractive interest rates, competitive fees and our MasterCard debit card to withdraw funds anywhere combine to make this the account of choice.

How is my interest calculated?

You have a completely free choice of deposit and notice period, which will be reflected in the title of the account. For example, on 01 January, you might place a deposit with EUR 20,000 on six months’ rolling notice. The rate will be fixed until 30 June, at which point it will change to our latest published rate for that band.


An account on rolling notice of one year or more attracts a loyalty bonus: a one-off interest uplift of 0.5% pa on top of our published rates. The bonus applies from twelve months after the deposit is placed until notice to withdraw is given.  For example, on 15 April this year, a deposit of EUR 50,000 might be placed on thirty-six months’ notice, with an interest rate of 5.00%. On 15 April next year, assuming notice to withdraw has not been given, the interest rate will be increased to 5.50% pa.

When is interest payable?

Interest accrues daily and is paid gross on the usual quarter dates, March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31. It is paid without deduction of taxes or charges, to any account you nominate, subject to a minimum external transfer of EUR 100 or equivalent.

What are the account charges?

Opening and maintaining an account is free. We apply no charges except:

  •    if you opt for a debit card, where we pass on nominal fees from MasterCard;
  •    if you withdraw some or all of the capital, where we pass on standard bank transfer fees.
How is the interest taxed?

The New Zealand Revenue Department has granted Vivier & Co “Approved Issuer” status, which allows it to pay all interest gross to non-residents of New Zealand, i.e. without taxes. It is up to you to declare your income and pay any tax in your country.

How is interest funded?

Vivier & Co generates interest income from lending solely on home loans and property development. The former is typically represented by first charge mortgages on residential property with a maximum initial value of EUR 150,000, whilst the latter typically takes the form of residential property with existing planning permission, a gross development value up to EUR 10 million and completion within two years.

How does Vivier & Co provide slightly higher than average rates?

By charging slightly higher than average rates to borrowers and keeping overheads low, Vivier & Co is able to pay slightly higher than average rates to depositors. In this way, Vivier & Co is able to grow deposits significantly, to maintain relatively static fixed costs and thus to predict its income with a high degree of accuracy.

How does Vivier & Co protect clients’ deposits?

When advancing funds, Vivier & Co always adopts a prudent loan-to-value ratio in relation to the underlying assets. These are always located in jurisdictions that have been European Union members since at least 1973. Vivier & Co does not invest in equities, derivatives or any other exotic financial products and so substantially reduces the risk from market volatility.

What other security does Vivier & Co provide to depositors?

In addition to the above fixed charge security, Vivier & Co aims to maximise its capital reserves, aiming for above 10% of Tier I risk-weighted assets. Such a conservative level compares very favourably with the Basel ratios.
Moreover, Vivier & Co maintains an insurance policy with Standard and Poor’s A+ rated insurers, providing an indemnity of over NZD 15,000,000 (approximately USD 10,500,000) on any single loss and in the aggregate. It is one of very few companies in the OECD offering a guarantee of this type.

Why insurance instead of a Government guarantee?

In 2011, the New Zealand government withdrew their deposit guarantee scheme for all banks and financial institutions. Although EU government schemes typically offer cover of around EUR 100,000, thousands of hard working Europeans have nevertheless lost their savings in trusted EU banks. Vivier & Co therefore found an alternative way of protecting client funds, plus a higher level of cover. We only obtained this after demonstrating our probity to the world’s top insurance companies.

Why New Zealand?

New Zealand is a very stable country, both politically and economically, and has a very strict system of government regulation. It is not affected by financial crises to the same extent as other countries.

What is a notice account?

To pay above average rates, Vivier & Co commits to lending for longer periods and so takes deposits for longer periods too. You have a completely free choice of rolling notice period, which will be reflected in the title of the account. At any time, you can write and tell us to repay you or change the current rolling notice period, which will take effect at the end of the current rolling period. For example, on 01 January, you might place a deposit on six months’ rolling notice. If you wish to withdraw funds on 30 September, you must give us notice in writing before 31 March of that year. The funds will be repaid, with interest, to any account you nominate, without deduction of taxes or charges.

How much can I add and withdraw at any given time?

Accounts can be opened with an initial deposit of EUR 1,000 or equivalent and thereafter top ups of any amount are acceptable.

Provided the current account contains sufficient funds, any amount over EUR 100 or equivalent can be withdrawn, up to once per month.

May I hold more than one account and/or debit card?

You are welcome to open multiple savings and/or currency accounts, managing them all with the same identity.

Debit cards are available to Vivier & Co clients with EUR 10,000 or more, or the equivalent in foreign currency, across their deposit accounts.

Each card is linked to a client’s current account for the related currency. Within reason, Vivier & Co will issue as many cards as a client wishes.

Can I open a joint account?

Yes. Each user is given access to the account in accordance with the mandate.

Can I open a current account?

For every depositor, Vivier & Co automatically opens a free current account in each required currency.

How do I manage my account?

Vivier & Co has put in place a new online platform, which is accessible here.

In addition, we always try to act promptly upon receipt of instructions via email, fax or telephone, subject to the usual discharge.

Opening an account

Please complete and upload the various documents here .

Or download the forms here:

If downloading, please then:
·     obtain certified copies of:
– your passport or national identity card; and
– proof of your address (water, electricity, fixed telephone bill)
·     email all the documents to [email protected];


In all cases:

  •    after our compliance department has checked your documents, we shall open your account and send you our account details.
  •    please then transfer your initial deposit, indicating that the costs are to be borne by Vivier.
  •    upon receipt, we shall activate your account and start paying you interest.


If using the download method, please then post all the documents to Vivier & Co, Level 13, 92 Albert Street, Auckland 1010, New Zealand.  Once the physical documents arrive, your account will be fully operational.

Final step

Upon receipt of the funds, we shall send you an acknowledgement and an account statement.

More information

For more information please read our Terms and Conditions. Although documents may be translated as a courtesy to customers, the English version shall always prevail.