Our governance

In all our corporate and operational activities, we firmly believe that ethical and statutory requirements and standards must be respected along with socially responsible actions. We are proud of the tradition of integrity on which this firm is built and have the utmost confidence in our standards of governance.


Members and Committees of the International Advisory Board of Vivier are:

Mr. Gary P. Warner

Chairman of the Board

Gary is the Chairman of Vivier and responsible for reviewing and evaluating the performance of all board members and senior management. During his 30-plus year career in finance, Gary has held a number of executive roles in retail and commercial banking, including being Private Bank Director of National Australia Bank and holding senior positions in both Macquarie Group and Australia and New Zealand Banking Group.

Herr Victor von Gierszewski

Deputy Chairman

Victor is the Executive Vice President of Vivier Group, and Deputy Chairman of Vivier – Financial services. Outside of Vivier he serves as the Managing Director of Global Business Innovations, President of Nikau Global, Partner at Palmetto Global Ventures where he leads the investment division and is the Founder of House of Pies – Germany which was mainland Europe’s – first fast food pie restaurant and franchisee.

Dott. Mag. Luigi Wewege

Chief Executive Officer

Luigi is Vivier’s Chief Executive Officer. Outside of Vivier he serves as the Non-executive Chairman of Nikau Global an international trade development company, as a Partner/Director of Palmetto Global Ventures a bespoke financial management consultancy. He is also the author of the book: The Digital Banking Revolution which is available in audio, kindle and paperback formats through all major online bookstores in over fifty countries.

Dra. Consuelo Goberna Selma

Committee Chair

Consuelo serves as the chair of the compensation and management development committee, and outside of Vivier she is the Group Leader in Engineering and Process Control at The Institute of Catalysis & Petrochemistry, which forms part of the Spanish Council for Scientific Research. She has published research on nanotechnologies which won 1st prize in a competition organized by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Ms. Anita M. Kohn

Committee Chair

Anita is the Vice President of Human Capital for Vivier Group, as well as leading the human resources department for both the financial services divisions where she serves as the Chief Human Resources Officer. Outside of Vivier Anita is the Managing Director of Living in Space which is a high-end interior design, build and development company that focuses on encouraging people to live in a more sustainable manner.

Mr. Thomas J. O’ Rourke

Committee Chair

Thomas serves as the Chair of Vivier’s regulatory and compliance committee and is a risk management professional with 30+ years’ experience in operations and compliance, including 26 years’ concurrent service in the Air National Guard. Previously he was the Assistant Director of the Bermuda Monetary Authority, where he led a team focused on the prudential supervision of the local banking sector.

Mr. Eduardo Gonçalves

Non-executive Director

Eduardo has been an appointed Vivier – Board Member since 2015, and currently works as an International Marketing Director specializing in education. Previous positions include being the Marketing Director for Fundação Dom Cabral, Sales and Marketing Manager – Pharma for NIVEA Beiersdorf, and a Sales and Marketing Executive for Johnson & Johnson in Brazil.

Mr. Yuanjun ‘Perry’ Qu

Non-executive Director

Perry has been an appointed Vivier – Board Member since 2015, and outside of Vivier serves as the Group Manager – International for TPS Capital an Auckland based Investment Company. He has extensive investing & trading experience which cover the financial markets of Australasia, United States and the United Kingdom. Previously he specialised in secondary market activity with focus on foreign exchanges, futures, options & commodities.

Mr. Sajid Shariff 

Sajid has been an appointed Vivier – Board Member since 2014, and presently consults for the Boston Consulting Group where he specializes in healthcare and telecommunications. Previously he was the Director of Strategy at Sears Holding Corporation in Chicago where he led turnarounds of unprofitable holding businesses and executed special projects for the CEO and the CFO.

Mr. Boris Simic

Boris has been an appointed Vivier – Board Member since 2015, and a Senior Manager Business and Financial Strategy – DACH & BENEFRA for Klarna a Swedish based IT Company that makes shopping online simple and safe. Boris holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Gothenburg in Management as well as a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from the University of Missouri.

Mr. Shavit Ben-Arie

Shavit has been an appointed Vivier – Board Member since 2014, and is the Executive Director of SR&CM and leads a team providing strategic management consulting services primarily for organizations concerning government or national policy. He is also a Director of Yad Levi Eshkol a non-governmental organization working to commemorate the life of Levi Eshkol, third Prime Minister of the State of Israel (1963-1969).

Mr. Zoran Margic

Zoran has been an appointed Vivier – Board Member since 2015, and outside of Vivier he is the Head of Origination – European Markets for Fina Energji Holding A.S. Previously he served as the Executive Manager for Energija Naturalis Int d.o.o. in Slovenia. Education wise he holds a Masters from the Univerza v Ljubljani, and a Master of Business Administration from the MIB School of Management in Italy.

The Vivier Board: Audit Committee:

  • Mr. Gary P. Warner (Chair)
  • Victor von Gierszewski
  • Mr. Boris Simic, and
  • Mr. Eduardo Gonçalves.

The Vivier Board: Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee:

  • Ms. Anita M. Kohn (Chair)
  • Dott. Mag. Luigi Wewege,
  • Mr. Victor von Gierszewski, and
  • Mr. Zoran Margic.

The Vivier Board: Regulatory and Compliance Committee:

  • Mr. Thomas J. O’ Rourke (Chair)
  • Mr. Ali Hashemifar,
  • Mr. Sajid Shariff, and
  • Mr. Eduardo Gonçalves

The Vivier Board: Compensation and Management Development Committee:

  • Dra. Consuelo Goberna Selma (Chair)
  • Ms. Anita Kohn,
  • Mr. Zoran Margic, and
  • Mr. Shavit Ben-Arie.