How much more can you possibly earn on your savings account?‎

How much more can you possibly earn on your savings account?‎

Vivier & Co has launched a calculator or online returns comparison tool that makes it quick and easy for you to calculate what return you can expect from a Vivier savings account and compare it against what you’re currently receiving on your savings at your local bank.

The calculator is easy to use and tells you what monthly and annual return to expect from a Vivier rolling notice or fixed term savings account in multiple currencies, such as Euro, US Dollars, Swiss Francs, Sterling and Yen. You can also use the calculator to assess different scenarios, such as higher or lower interest rates as well as longer or shorter terms and see the results instantly.

The online returns comparison tool also allows you to email the results as well as providing the option of opening a Vivier savings account when you see the clear advantages of doing so. So why not use our handy calculator today to find out how much you could be earning on your savings. You can also assess and compare the benefits offered by Vivier’s rolling notice and fixed term savings accounts here.

By using this new comparison tool to assess Vivier’s accounts and compare them to your own, three major advantages of saving with us will become apparent: higher than average returns, no tax is withheld and no monthly fees. Understanding how a Vivier account compares to your current savings account is essential to ensure that you’re getting the best possible return for your savings.

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