How to keep your wealth secure and make a profit ‎in turbulent economic times

How to keep your wealth secure and make a profit ‎in turbulent economic times

According to The Financial Times Turkish Lira has lost 40% of its value since the beginning of 2018. In a bid to tackle Turkey’s inflation, which was running at 25% in September, the Central Bank increased interest rates from 19.25% to 24% in September.

Protect yourself from local currency volatility

So what can savers do to protect their wealth and make a profit when there are big risks ahead for their currency or if local interest rates are unattractive or at historical lows? The easiest way to ensure that savers are well positioned in the event of a currency fall, as in the case of Turkey, is diversifying capital into a range of major foreign currencies, such as EUR, USD and GBP. In this scenario, it’s crucial to consider the following before making a decision:

  • How much day-to-day involvement do you want to have
  • The costs involved in making foreign currency investments
  • The cost of administration fees
  • Tax liabilities


The value of diversifying savings across major currencies

If we had invested 100 Turkish Lira or TRY (USD 16) in the different ways listed below at the end of 2012, what would the TRY 100 be worth today?

Type of investment 100 TRY investment in 2012 Loss/gains Value of 100 TRY in 2018
Turkish Lira Deposit Account 100 TRY -2.24 97.76 TRY
Government Debt Securities 100 TRY -22.23 77.87 TRY
Stock Certificates 100 TRY -26.67 74.33 TRY
Gold 100 TRY +17.24 117.24 TRY
Euros (EUR) 100 TRY +38.24 138.24 TRY
US Dollars (USD) 100 TRY +55.24 155.24 TRY

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  • No transfer fees and all bank charges are refundable.

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