How to profit from property without buying bricks and mortar

How to profit from property without buying bricks and mortar

When Vivier considers the risk and potential profit (return) from an investment, residential property located within the UK is one of the best investment options. The Vivier team has decades of combined experience in property investment and knows exactly the type of properties to invest in to achieve the best capital growth and/or rental yield.

Interest rates have been at historically low levels since the 2008 financial crisis, and are forecast to remain so in the near future. Therefore, adding property or even more property to your investment portfolio is a safe bet as well as a great decision.

An easy way to add property to your portfolio

Any financial adviser will tell you that investing in multiple assets or “diversification” is crucial to any investment strategy. Just as investors diversify their portfolios to reduce risk or volatility, they also diversify the range of property investments in order to spread their funds and avoid putting all their eggs in one basket. Risk is immediately reduced and, in the long term, the opportunity to increase returns is maximised. Vivier also takes this approach by investing in larger residential developments based in the UK as well as home mortgages.

Another way investors can reduce risk or volatility is to diversify their property portfolios by location; that is, not just invest in prime property in London or the South East of the country. Some property investors, however, take a different approach and specialise in certain geographical areas, arguing that this gives them far better results.

Two heads are better than one

We know that investing in property is one of the best ways to make money. Going solo in a competitive property market, however, isn’t easy. The inexperienced newcomer will need a large chunk of capital to invest, legal and financial know-how as well as sector experience. Even when all these barriers are overcome, success is not guaranteed.

These barriers may be insurmountable alone, which is why we want you to join us. You can profit from property without actually buying bricks and mortar by opening a savings account with Vivier today. The fixed term or monthly rolling notice accounts offer great interest rates by taking full advantage of Vivier’s expertise in the property market. We promise to always invest funds in a way that will get you the best returns.

If you want to add property to your investment portfolio, but don’t want the hassle of managing a property yourself, look no further. Vivier places clients’ funds solely into property-related assets in a way that’s hassle-free. By investing in larger residential developments as well as home mortgages, Vivier can offer higher than average interest rates, and clients can invest in property for as little as €6,000 and achieve a great return.

Find out more about our above average rates today.