AC Solutions Group and Vivier and Company Limited signed a Joint Venture agreement.


Dear Client

We are pleased to announce that, on September 6, 2019, Don Alejandro Ortega, President of the AC Solutions Group, and Vivier and Company Limited (“VCL”) signed a Joint Venture agreement, which will regulate their future operations.

The agreement allows VCL to build on its success as a Financial Service Provider, but with central management and control now exercised from Spain. The business will continue to operate in the best interests of our clients, our team and all other stakeholders.

Our new majority shareholders are significant players in the energy sector, where they are experiencing rapid growth and achieving attractive profits. For many years, they have also been one of VCL’s most important clients and, more recently, have represented us in Spain via their 400-strong commercial team.

This investment will create significant synergy between both organisations, strengthening commercial, financial and manpower resources, as well as providing improved opportunities within the financial services we offer.  It is fitting that this alliance has emerged in one of Vivier’s most successful years to date.

I would like to close by reassuring you that the enlarged group will only affect our portfolio positively, whilst services offered, interest rates and other associated benefits will all remain unchanged.

I am at your disposal to answer any questions.

Leonardo Rodriguez
Chief Executive Officer


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