Offshore Advantages

If you are an individual, business or trust and interested in our private banking services, we are sure to have the kind of banking expertise, performance and security you require in the ongoing management of all your financial affairs.


Placing your money with Vivier & Co includes the following benefits:

  • Security and confidentiality
  • No exchange control restrictions, allowing capital to be freely moved without formality
  • Interest on savings accounts is paid gross, without deduction of tax
  • Sophisticated worldwide communication links facilitating ease of access
  • Holding assets offshore may have some tax planning advantages, including inheritance tax benefits for clients with certain domiciles


Although businesses obtain all the benefits listed for an individual, an offshore account provides the following additional advantages:

  • Fewer formalities than in traditional jurisdictions
  • Business transactions performed with a higher degree of discretion


This elite service is offered by invitation only to Vivier & Co clients meeting certain criteria. Such clients often look for tailored solutions going beyond the scope of traditional services. We have taken this to heart and developed an array of special arrangements which suit a wide variety of needs and meet the highest standards.

Please note that Vivier & Co is not a tax adviser and recommends that, if you are in any doubt as to your tax position, you seek independent advice from an accountant or other suitably qualified professional. Vivier also operates in accordance with international compliance, anti-money laundering & know your customer regulations.