Our Philosophy

Our common purpose is to nurture and build strong relationships with our clients, to become their trusted adviser and to provide sound professional advice on savings accounts and other financial topics, Throughout the process of building and managing wealth, we always put our clients first, offering a personal touch as well as bespoke solutions to clients’ financial goals.  As these change over time, so do the solutions we offer.


Building a trusted private banking relationship with clients and striving for their satisfaction is paramount at Vivier & Co. We work tirelessly to provide clients with attractive yields and great performance over the medium term, whilst maintaining high ethical standards, reducing investment risk and showing absolute respect for confidentiality.


Our values

Our values are based on long-standing traditions and the high standards, which are embedded in our years of private ‎wealth management experience. Our clients’ accounts are managed by a highly experienced team of financial experts, ‎with extensive knowledge of a number of sectors, underpinned by conservative, prudent and risk-averse business ‎practices.‎

To help us achieve strong business ties with our clients, our values shape everything we do as individuals and as an ‎international boutique financial services firm.‎



Our company values have their origins in our long traditions. We are known for the quality of our management team as ‎well as our focus on providing good, old-fashioned client service and advice within a modern private banking context.‎



We are always attentive to our clients’ needs above everything else and take a risk-averse approach to investment ‎choices. Few financial organisations have an insurance policy in place with a Standard and Poor’s A+ rated insurer ‎providing cover of $5,000,000.‎


Adding a personal touch

This means putting our clients first in everything that we do, understanding and anticipating their needs and delivering on ‎promises to achieve success for them.‎



We are a straightforward transparent and dependable financial partner. Vivier & Co also provides exceptional returns and ‎peace of mind for our clients. We stand firm for what is right, deliver on commitments, are resilient and trustworthy. We ‎aim to build trust-based and lasting relationships with our clients to deliver high returns and to become their trusted ‎advisers.‎


We hope our clients recommend us to others, which gives us an added incentive to maintain the highest standards of ‎transparency and customer service.‎


Any questions?‎

You may find the answer in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

If you would like to know more about our high interest online savings accounts, please call +64 9 8893989 or email info@vivierco.com