Overview of our financial products and services

We offer a range of secure, high interest online accounts for our clients, including current accounts, savings accounts as well as MasterCard debit cards, international money transfers and a number of other services, such as escrow accounts. We can also help you to achieve a consolidated view of your finances through our multi-currency investment accounts.


Current Accounts

We provide this service to individuals and businesses alike that have an international presence. Holding a current account in another country provides flexibility, discretion and added security. With a nominal minimum balance and no minimum income or wealth requirement, you are free to choose where in the world to hold your funds.


Our current accounts have all the essentials for managing your money:

  • access and manage your accounts 24/7 using online banking
  • know your funds are secure and accessible from wherever you may be in the world
  • MasterCard debit card for making purchases and accessing your money at ATMs
  • Easy to open, apply online today.


Online savings accounts

We offer rolling notice savings accounts, fixed term savings accounts and monthly savings accounts to suit your individual needs. Interest is paid quarterly for rolling notice accounts or at the end of the term for fixed term and monthly savings accounts. The rolling notice high interest savings account offers a loyalty bonus to customers and any transfer fees are refunded.


MasterCard debit cards

Clients with EUR 10,000 or more, or the equivalent foreign currency, across their deposit accounts will receive a MasterCard ‎debit card for instant access to their cash wherever they are in the world


International money transfers

An international presence by definition implies having access to cash in various currencies. We offer great rates and full ‎control of currency exchange transactions through online banking. Currency exchange is available in USD ($), EUR (€), ‎JPY (¥), GBP (£), AUD ($), HKD ($), ($), SGD ($) and CHF (SFr).‎


Escrow accounts

These accounts can help entrepreneurs and businesses to facilitate international trade as well as mitigate risk on critical transactions.


Online Platform

We provide a fully secured online platform, capable of giving you full access to manage your accounts and investments. Through this platform it is possible to instruct same-day cash transfers, currency exchange or to allocate capital to investment accounts.


Our online platform allows access to your account and savings 24/7 from anywhere in the world and has the following features:


  • Account balances
  • Account transaction history
  • Account statement download
  • Setup money transfers or payments
  • Currency exchange between USD ($), EUR (€), JPY (¥), GBP (£), AUD ($), HKD ($), ($), SGD ($) & CHF (SFr)
  • Manage savings and investments


Our online platform also includes the following security features:


SSL Certificate with:

  • Extended Validation which triggers the green address bar in high-security browsers,
  • Up to 256-bit encryption enabling strong encryption for all clients,
  • GeoTrust RapidSSL for details please click here,
  • Vulnerability assessment and daily website malware scanning thus ensuring a protected browsing experience.


SSL checker:

  • Every page has a further 256-bit algorithm,
  • Every form has an anti-spam and an anti-phishing check,
  • All the passwords and keywords have a 256-bit encryption, and
  • SMS/text alert on any payment or transfer requested.