For a high rate of return, invest in a deposit account abroad

Vivier & Co offers deposit accounts in several currencies, such as automatic renewal, fixed-term, and scheduled savings accounts. Interest accrues every three months for automatic renewal accounts, upon expiration of savings and fixed-term accounts. Interest rates vary according to the currency and the duration of the deposit, being that it can range from 3.28% to 6.48%. For detailed information on performance rates, see the table below. You can also easily manage your investments through our online banking platform.

High yields

No commissions

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    Get a high rate of return safely

    Automatic renewal account

    We offer returns above the market average in our Automatic Renewal Account

    Deposit account with fixed maturity

    The traditional Fixed Term deposit account that provides returns above the market average

    Monthly savings deposit account

    For those who regularly save, we offer an account that allows monthly contributions.‎

    Advantageous Conditions

    High yields

    Invest with a high rate of return for a fixed term.

    Maximize your earnings by choosing one of our foreign currency deposit accounts.

    No commissions

    We do not apply transfer fees and we will reimburse those made by your bank. In addition, we do not charge administration fees if your balance exceeds € 3,000

    Loyalty Bonus

    For a deposit account with a maturity of twelve months or more, we offer an annual interest rate increase of 0.5% as a loyalty bonus.


    Vivier & Co is an international financial services company. Our network of financial specialists allows us to provide the best investment services to our clients wherever they are.