Celebrate Vivier’s 18th anniversary!!

Top up or ‎open an account – earn up to 18 weeks’ extra ‎interest!‎

Rolling Notice Account
Minimum investment EUR 10,000 EUR 20,000 EUR 50,000
minimum notice: 12 months
Extra Interest 0.5 month(s) 1.2 month(s) 2.5 month(s)
minimum notice: 24 months
Extra Interest 1 month(s) 2 month(s) 4 month(s)

Do you have friends and family seeking to open a savings account in a safe place at a great rate? Why ‎not let them know about this great opportunity to receive up to 18 weeks extra interest!‎

For more information, please contact our friendly, multi-lingual team on +64 9 889 3989 or [email protected]


Bonus Terms and conditions

Registration deadline: 30 April 2019. ‎For full terms and conditions see https://vivierco.com/faq and https://vivierco.com/tc-en