A Holiday Gift from Vivier & Co

The end of the year is fast approaching, which means two things!‎


  • You’re starting to think about New Year’s resolutions
  • Vivier is treating its clients for the festive season


Open a savings account or top up your existing account before 10 January 2020 and we will add two months extra worth of interest (0.5%) as a holiday bonus.


Do you have friends and family seeking to open a savings account in a safe place at a great rate? Why ‎not let them know about this great opportunity to receive two months extra interest!‎


With Vivier & Co you can earn upto 6.93% interest pa on your deposit or top up, including bonus. Check out our full list of deposit rates: https://vivierco.com/deposit-rates/


Avail your bonus by filling the Sing Up Form or for more information, please contact our friendly, multi-lingual support team via [email protected] or +34 912 300 211 | Contact-us page


    Bonus Terms and conditions

    Top up minimum: 10% of existing balance or EUR 10,000, whichever is the higher. Top up deadline: 10 Jan 2020. Bonus: 0.5%, valid for twelve months from introduction of funds. Bonus can only be applied once per existing client and once for any new client, irrespective of the number of deposits. Accounts held by one or more depositors, who could or do exercise their rights collectively, shall be considered as a single account. For full terms and conditions, see https://vivierco.com/tc-en